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Join now and have your say on who will lead our movement and stand up for you in Ottawa. Hurry–members must join by August 17 to vote in the 2017 Leadership race.

x $10.00 DEFAULT
x $1.00 AB_STD
Alberta Standard
x $10.00 NU_STD
Nunavut Standard
x $10.00 NB_STD
New Brunswick Standard
x $25.00 ON_STD
Ontario Standard
x $5.00 ON_UND
Ontario Unemployed
x $5.00 ON_YTH
Ontario Youth
x $25.00 NS_STD
Nova Scotia Standard
x $5.00 NS_UND
Nova Scotia Unemployed
x $5.00 NS_YTH
Nova Scotia Youth
x $20.00 MB_STD
Manitoba Standard
x $6.00 MB_UND
Manitoba Unemployed
x $5.00 MB_YTH
Manitoba Youth
x $20.00 PE_STD
PEI Standard
x $2.00 PE_UND
PEI Unemployed
x $5.00 PE_YTH
PEI Youth
x $10.00 YT_STD
Yukon Standard
x $5.00 YT_UND
Yukon Unemployed
x $5.00 YT_YTH
Yukon Youth
x $10.00 QC_STD
Québec Standard
x $5.00 QC_UND
Québec Unemployed
x $5.00 QC_YTH
Québec Youth
x $10.00 BC_STD
BC Standard
x $1.00 BC_UND
BC Unemployed
x $1.00 BC_YTH
BC Youth
x $10.00 NT_STD
NWT Standard
x $1.00 NT_UND
NWT Unemployed
x $1.00 NT_YTH
NWT Youth
x $10.00 SK_STD
Saskatchewan Standard
x $10.00 SK_UND
Saskatchewan Unemployed
x $7.00 SK_YTH
Saskatchewan Youth
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